Unacceptable and Shameful

Unacceptable and Shameful !!
These are the guys who screw the  reputation of the entire Muslims community
The Air France plane, connecting Paris to Tunis had been diverted to Nice, following the assault of a flight attendant by a Muslim passenger who wanted to say his prayers in the corridor, in the cramped space at the entrance to the cockpit.

After the emergency landing in Nice, decided immediately by the Captain, on seeing the video on his screen, the individual had been disembarked from the Aircraft & arrested by the Police. 

You will observe that this happens in the "Galley" on way to the kitchen and this, in full view of the passengers in the cabin, since the separation curtain remained open…

The 2 stewards, "by force", remained helpless in front of this scene and HAD to behave calmly!…

The first video: During the prayer in flight.

The second video: On arrival in Nice (Farance) airport. 

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