Worksheet Day 37

Worksheet Day 37 

Name : Archan 

Dept : HR 

11-12 = Make a List of all   CBSE Schools in  Ahamdabad  [ email Only ] 

12-1 Send the following email to all CBSE Schools in Ahamdabad   

2-3 Make a List of all   Women Clubs / Groups of Ahamdabad     [ email Only ] 

3-4  Send the following email to all Women Clubs / Groups of Ahamdabad

4-5 =  Make an Article on  Best Places To Visit in  Banglore  

See Sample


After Every Hr's Task please email to ALL eMail Ids

Please share all links on all Social Media After Work.  

Kindly NOTE that Interns who are NOT sharing Work on daily basis will NOT be Awarded Any Certificate of Internship. 

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