Worksheet Day 09

Worksheet Day 09

Name : Archan Shweta 

Dept   : HR

11-12 = Make List of Top B Schools in Singapore [ EMail Id must ] 
12-1 =   MakePPT on  Top B Schools in Singapore [ Logo Must ]
1-2 = Lunch Break
2-3 = Cabin Crew Openings in Singapore
3-4 = Quora Q and Ans  [ Share all Links ] 
Make Questions and Give Answers  about Cabin Crews / Pilots
4-5 =  Make a List of  Most   Successful  Female MBAs  of  India
5-6 =  Give 5 Star App Review for following App


After Every Hr's Task please email to ALL eMail Ids

Please share all links on all Social Media After Work.  

Kindly NOTE that Interns who are NOT sharing Work on daily basis will NOT be Awarded Any Certificate of Internship. 

HR intern Aircrews