Ronit Business Corp Story for Selected Writers

Main Story for Selected Writers : 

Characters of this Story :

Business :  Ronit Business Corp

Pilot   : Ronit Kumar [Age, 29]

Dad     : Abhay Kumar

Family Name: Kumar Family

Occupation: Professors And Advocates 

Father: Abhay [Age, 62]

Mother: Reema [Age, 58]

Daughter 1: Archi  [Age, 25]

Daughter 2: Avni   [Age, 22]

Son      3: Samyak

Ronit's Girl Friend : Aditi Singh [Age, 29] A Banker cum Journalist 

Its a Story of Capt Ronit Kumar [Age, 28] an Airline Pilot Turned Enterprenurer who tried his hands in so many  StartUp businesses and got failed in many. Its A very Motivating and Inspiring Love and Romantic Story. 

At last he wrote a Book on his Life which got Super dupper Success, with  Name and fame This is an amazing story of capt. Ronit Kumar[28] an Airline Pilot turned Entrepreneur / Author. Some times  everyone has to taste failure before success, he too had numerous encounters with many failures. 

Based in Philippines as a Pilot Instructor returned to India [Indore] as he was kind of homesick. After moving  back Invested in multiple Start Ups but all in vain. Tried giving Flying lessons n lectures in Flying Clubs, classes in IIT n IIMs as well but still something was amiss. 

Amongst all this he met his love Aditi [ a Banker turned Journalist], on Aditi's suggestion began Writing his biography.

Capt.Ronit finally found his salvage in Writing about his life n the challenges he faced in his book which became an instant hit.

Ronit strate a new concept to Work from home that was specially focus on very qulified females but they cant move out of their houses for work!

Ronit Business Corp

After failing in over 90% of tech startups, but Rohit Kumar never thought ,his baby " Ronit Corp", would be one of  them among the failures.

If there is one thing that doing a startup has taught him, it’s that he was much more resilient than he could  ave ever imagined. Looking back, when he started  Ronit Business Corp fresh out of a Flying School He was very Naive and had zero idea what he was doing. In fact, he didn’t even know what a startup was! He just  knew 

He wanted to solve a problem he personally experienced: having a closet full of clothes but still nothing to  wear.   

Since then he has survived being stabbed in the back by co-founders, investment rounds falling through,  massive technology fuckups that brought  sales to a halt, visa problems, lack of money, lack of traction, lack of a team, hiring the wrong people, firing people I didn’t want to fire, lack of product-market fit, and everything else in between.

And yet he failed. He won many battles but he lost the first few wars.

He took complete responsibility for this failure. Were other people involved in Ronit Business Corp ?  Of course.  

Was any of  their's fault ?  Absolutely not.

The startup press glorify hardship. They glorify the Airbnbs who sold breakfast cereal to survive, and then turned their idea into a Multi-Billion dollar business. You rarely hear the raw stories of startups that persevered but ultimately failed ?  the emotional roller coaster of the founders, and why their startups didn’t work out.

Couple met with famous Artist Wajid Khan 

Wajid Khan Artist Best Artist of India

and were very Impressed with his Art work. Wajid Motivated and Inspire the couple a lot.

Total 15 Chapters devided into 7 Struggle 8 Romance with Aditi

Chap 001 : Flying Days in Philippines Flying Academy [Philippines Flying School]

Chap 002 : Start up 1st Company  Ronit Business Corp  

Chap 003 : Meeting Aditi in a Press Conference

Chap 004 : Start up Zo Rooms by Ronit Hotels Corp

Chap 005 : Romantic trip with Aditi to Goa

Chap 006 : Flying Classes in Indian Flying Academy 

Chap 007 : Romantic Dinner with Aditi at an Airport in Banglore  

Chap 008 : Start up Meru Cabs Company via Ronit Cabs Corp 

Chap 009 : Romantic trip with Aditi to Nepal 

Chap 010 : Start up Air Taxi in Nepal

Chap 011: Start up

Chap 012: Amazing start up

Chap 013: Lectures at IIT's and IIM's

Chap 014: New Venture as an Auditor

Chap 015: A Milestone in Handling  student Psychology cases.

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