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Reena Baruah An Assmese Girl
Lead: Reena Baruah, Age 22 
Faher: Binoy Baruah, Age 55
Moher:  Nilima Baruah, Age 51
Younger sibling: Dulumoni, Age 16
Boyfriend: Jeet Bhuiyan, Age 23 
Faher : Mr Deven Bhuiyan
Restaurant Chain : 
Famous leather Brand : Rouge
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Reena is an aspiring Fashion Designer who wants to start her  own online clothing brand, her faher and moher runs their own Restaurant chain Called MaasBhaat , sister is a student studying in 12th standard and aspires to be a Pilot and Reena's boyfriend Jeet Bhuiyan, Age 23 is a Marketing Manager in a Dot Com Start-Up in whose Faher Mr Deven Bhuiyan owns a Leather company. Jeet Bhuiya a B.Tech from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM  Ahamdabad. 
Reena struggles to find her way into her Entrepreneurship and gradually with Age and experience She come to find her path with the  help of her family and her partner. This is a story of Reena fulfilling her Dreams and being  unstoppable no matter what life throws at her.
Reena makes her Daydream a reality.
“It’s one of her best Designs that I have seen today, I am sure you will go  very far Reena” her teacher  praised Reena’s assignmeenant in front of the  entire class. The last practicals of her college life and Reena was excited  about what her future had to offer. 
Wide Eyed 22 Year Young Reena Baruah was a sophomore Final Year  Fashion Designing Student from NIFT Delhi who Dreamt of owning her  own online Fashion Brand one fine Day. 
Her parents Binoy a 55 year old Business man and Nilima 51, togeher ran a Restaurant chain called Maasbhaat Reenaaning ‘Fish and Rice’ an Assmese Traditional Restaurant that had two outlets in Jeet town of Jorhat in Assam,  She also had a 16 year old Younger  Sister Dulumoni  doing her  12th in PCM Science  back in her  home town who with equal passion Dreamt of becoming an Airline  Pilot one fine day. She read and Follw Pilot's Career Guide By Capt Shekhar Gupta.  She read entire Book So many times. 
Fast forward, Reena went back home  after her  finals and  her results as  expected came out with Flying Colours.
“Reena  Ba, it’s not far you know,  when you finally have an online brand” Dulumoni quoted
Holding her  sister’s  hand “ah! I will have to wait on it but I am excited” They both smiled and  their eyes lit up hoping for her best.
Soon their moher joined  Herm in her celebration “Reena mami, you know what, I am making your favourite dish tonight and your  father and I have some discussion to do with you about what  Your next plans are, we are very proud of you mami” Reena nodded and hugged  her moher.

“How's her food mami?” Nilima  Gestured to Reena, 

“it’s Just  Delicious Maa...  J
I was Missing this Home food in my PG  L
Baba you wanted to discuss something?”asked Reena chewing  her food  delightfully, Binoy looked at her and smiled “well, now, that you have a  Distinction in Fashion Designing where would you wanna start?” Reena jumped  “Online Brand Obviously”   like

Binoy and Nilima looked at each oher and came to a   conclusion with their eyes “well mami” Binoy said, giving out a supportive  tone yet with a reality check  “You cannot start it right away like that,  hence your moher and I think that..”,
“Yes yes, I must first learn from an  Expert, got it” interrupted Reena “here you are, we have such a smart child 
Nilima” Binoy stated feeling satisfied with Reena’s decision.
Late at night Dulumoni knocked at her sister’s door to have their chit chats  as it wasn’t often that They got to sit and talk after Reena went away for  her  studies. “Ba, I wonder what to do about this Pilot thing, as of  now I know I will have to take up courses but I am still confused” Dulumoni  doubted being a teenager that She was, “I read about this Aviation Career  Counseling at, came across it just last week and I thought of you as soon as I saw it, you should check that out  Dulu and their  best part They give Pilot Training as well”, Reena guided her,  Dulumoni now excited  after finding a new perception quoted “great how do you have her solution to  everything ba?”  Reena sighe  “Ah! for everyone except for myself”, “it’s  just a beginning ba, who knows what life holds” Dulumoni consoled Jeet sister  in return.
Her next morning Reena decided to send out her  resume in every Online Job  Portal and a week later She finally got  a call from a Famous Luxury Boutique Start-Up  called Vastra.
Her CEO  Welcomed  Reena seeing her  potential and was  amazed by her samples, her social Media began spamming her with  congratulating Messages as She changed  Her status from student to works in  Vastra as an executive Fashion Designer. 
Soon She started making friends at  Vastra  and enjoyed every bit of  her day creating a new Design, a year passed by and Reena couldn’t help but  fall in love with her  Job and a certain new comer called Jeet  Bhuiya,  Son of  owner of a famous leather brand known as Rouge. 
Reena casually questioned to show that She was not smitten “because Rouge is   my faher’s and I’d like to contribute my own instead of just jumping at my Dad’s hard earned prize, hence marketing it is” her replied, “impressive” 
Reena said,  Meaning it,
“I’m glad that something impressed you finally” Jeet   Cleverly threw it in, Reena blushed and her Late Night Conversations took it’s  Romantic Turn and even before They realised They were hanging out regularly 
and what was once texts full of tricky questions and answers turned into 
Simple  “I Love You" and pick Me up early from home” kind of Messages.  J
Jeet : Hey Baby J
Reema : Yup Sweetheart  tel me ?
Jeet :  Baby Missing U a lot J
Reema :  Sweetheart   me too  ?
Jeet :  Baby What are U wearing now  J
Reema :  Sweetheart can u guess  ?
Jeet : Hey Baby I m reaching Crossroad in 10 mins J be ready for a  Drive in my new Range Rover J
Reena : wow I wud be there plz wear ur blue Teeshirt n Black Jeans
Reena and Jeet Started Dating each other and End up with Hard Core Sex and Sleeping  together in the Car itself.

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