Everything You need to Know about Reiki

Everything You need to Know about Reiki

Reiki is form of alternative therapy commonly reffered to as energy healing. It emerged in japan in late1800"s and is said to involve the tranfer of universal energy from the practioner palms to their patient.
Energy healing has been used for centuries 
in various forms. Advocates say it works with the energy fields around the body.
sisome controversy surrounds Reiki, because it is hard to prove its efffectiveness through scientific means. However many people who receive Reikiit works and its popularity is increasing.A google search for the term currently returns no less than 68,900,000 results.

A 2007 survey shows that in the US,1.2 million tried Reiki a similar therapy. over 60 hospitals are believed to offer Reiki services to patients.   

Reiki is Relaxing

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Samira Surabhi Best Reiki Master in Indore MP India Asia

Reiki is Relaxing

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