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Dear Fellow Work at Home Professional,

Ref to your reply for  Work at Home  for an Aviation n Travel Organisation for HR Start-Up.

AirCrews Aviation P Ltd a Travel and Aviation Start-up by Asiatic International Aviation Corp and Managers of different Indian Institute of Management IIMs, we deal in inbound and outbound Guide Services, Pilot Training, Tour packages, and Visa processes etc. We have aprox 700 new Blogs and 30 Apps which cater completely to Aviation, Books, Cabs, Development [ App / Blog ] , Education, FinTech, Hotels,  and so many other sections.

The purpose of this Alfa Group is for Social Media Entrepreneurs to find support in starting their own App / Blog / VLog based product lines, and To bring Social Media People together to help create new, Innovative products into our Blog based Marketplace.


Please send us your Bio in 3rd person form No Attachments please few clear solo pics As Attachments and following details. 

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