April Fool Day

A Smart and Handsom Boy visited a Beautiful   Rich Girl's  Place with few people. 
Boy: -Wow so big a house ???
Girl: - Yes we have money. I am Rich !!

Boy: -Wow such a big car ??
Girl: - Yes we have  money I am Rich !!!

Boy: - Oh my God is so much gold ???
Girl: - Yes we are money. I am Rich !!

Boys: - Take this Latter!

Girl: - What is this ???

Boys: - We are from INCOME_TAX

Happy March Ending


लडका :-wow इतना बडा घर???
लडकी :- हाँ हम पैसेवाले है .!!
लडका :-wow इतनी बडी कार??
लडकी :- हाँ हम पैसेवाले है .!
लडका :- Oh my God इतना सोना भी है???
लडकी :- हाँ हम पैसेवाले है .
लडका :- ये लो लैटर!
लडकी :- ये क्या है ???
लडका :- हम INCOME_TAXवाले हैं
Happy March ending

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