How Online Cheaters, Cheat the Emotions and Greed of the People

How Online Cheaters,  Cheat the Emotions and Greed of the People  ....

One lady  :  SEO Meet a guy on facebook,their friendship grooms gradually,  that person makes a very good emotional story and that lady starts believing that person as if that guy is sharing the complete he proves everything whatever he shares about his life and the lady being very emotional develops a strong belief in that slowly two months passed..then that guy decided to visit the lady country as a tourists and meet the lady to confirm whether the lady is real or fake though he himself was fake.He shares his phone number and the location for real.Now when he visits that lady's country he beautifully creates an emotional scene to trap that "when he arrives at the airport he says he is stuck up with the custom department and they need to transfer immediate money of 300Euros to a personal officer(fake) calls and starts asking for the money then only that guy can be relieved from the custom department and he can enter his particular destination ,the guy was travelling to an unknown desitnation to meet a facebook friend without activating  international card neithe cash in hand..and to ask for the money that guy cried up over the phone to his two months old facebook friend.Finally that Lady seeta got panic in such situation makes up her mind to give money but she asked the custom officer to reduce the amount..officer agreed for 250 euros and then that lady did not have 250 euros in her account and the fake custom officer calls her again now seeta shared the whole situation with her friend and then seeta asked the lady to take the amount in parts like 100 euros in 1st installment and rest next day morning that officer agrees and here seeta friend shiv understood that it was a total fraud and completely a non existing fact.

Specially victims are more welcome to wirte their own stories with their proofs.