The owner of a hotel company in Thailand will be given a reward of 5 crores as a reward for the person who will escape the crocodile in a pond filled with crocodile ponds laid by his customers.
  And if the crocodile ate that man, his family would be given two crores rupees

All the people were frightened by hearing this. There was no courage in anyone that he could jump into the pond only when a loud voice comes ...

   People started shouting whether this man has jumped into the pond, the silence of the people stopped and everybody started looking at that man
 The man was completely wandering in the pond, with the speed of light, he was roving the water and all the people were watching him carefully.

      Now this man will be the crocodile's milkman

           Behind that man's crocodile look

             But that guy did not give up

              He was trying hard to get out of the exit only when the person ripped the water out of the other shore that man could not even breathe completely. All the people ran away and the people who went towards him started playing the clips when The man got a little sensation and he came to know that he became a millionaire, the first voice out of his mouth

                    Tell me first, who gave me a push. In a crowd, a woman stood in the crowd; The woman was the man's wife. She said that if you survived the work, if the five million died, then the two million benefits were us.

Since then this proverb has become a woman behind a successful person.

हे पार्थ!  मै ऋषियों मे 'आसाराम' हूँ!  संतो मे 'रामरहीम' हूँ!  योगियों मे 'आदित्यनाथ' हूँ!  चोरों मे 'विजय माल्या' हूँ!  अमीरों मे 'मुकेश अम्बानी' हूँ!  स्थानों मे 'गोधरा' हूँ!  शब्दों मे 'मित्रो' हूँ!  हिन्दुओं मे 'राममन्दिर' हूँ!  मुसलमानों मे 'तीन तलाक' हूँ!  यूपी मे 'गंगा का बेटा' हूँ!  गुजरात मे 'पटेल का चेला' हूँ!  महाराष्ट्र मे 'शिवाजी का शिष्य' हूँ!  देवों मे 'बाबा रामदेव' हूँ!  सिंहों मे 'गिरिराज सिंह' हूँ!  कानूनों मे 'नोटबन्दी' हूँ!  रंगो मे 'भगवा' हूँ!  टैक्सो मे 'GST' हूँ!  मशीनों मे 'EVM' हूँ!  वकीलों मे 'सुब्रमण्यम स्वामी' हूँ!  वक्ताओं मे 'संबित पात्रा' हूँ!  ऐंकरों मे 'सुधीर चौधरी' हूँ!  चैनलों मे 'ZEE NEWS' हूँ!  हे महाबाहो!  मै कहने को तो 'विकास' हूँ, पर वास्तव मे मै ही 'विनाश' हूँ!  पार्थ अब बताओ मै कौन हूँ?

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