She Tried

She tried but She failed ,
She failed to express herself..
What She felt inside,
They buried those feelings outside..
Nobody was concerned,
Nobody ever turned,
To peep out into her heart 
How much she has burned..
They always talk about rituals,
Because they never wanted her to be an individual..
She tried but she failed,
Every time she was jailed ..
The pain she carries in her eyes,
For not letting her to touch the skies 
Her soul screaming inside ,
For she wanted herself to describe..
She's not meant to be prisoned,
She was forced to follow what they conditioned..
Whenever she has to face something violent,
She had taught to remain silent..
There's nothing like she can't tolerate,
But the way they treated her , she hates ..
She tried but she failed,
She raised her voice, but they blackmailed..
Now she lost her hopes,
And sat on boat they sailed 
She tried but she failed..