Realise your Passion for Your Success

I was just listening to somebody's conversation and they both were talking about somebody else ,how suprising!  
And suddenly i realised that why people fail to achieve what they want.

It is not their fault but the environment in which they have grown up.

People always try to compete with others,they never like what they have,they always want other's things,other's position.But if people start appreciating their own work,if they start liking their own things, then they will be happy with what they have.

Competing with others is good,but everything has its limits.
So just try to move on with yours things,be happy with your position and try to learn from others,lift youself up and others too.
And just don't try to pull others down for your success,because your success is not defined by others , it's you and your efforts,your things that will help you to succeed in life. 


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