Alfa Bizz Corp

Alfa Bizz Corp

Alfa Bizz Corp is a New Generation that facilitates you to do Work From Home. Don’t you think such concept is much more appealing compared to the ones where you have to work 9-5  sitting before your office desk? We have come up with this business concept in order to provide an opportunity to the women out there and encourage them to be more independent and strong and giving a golden chance to showcase their wonderful skills that must have been suppressed due to many reasons. The added advantage if you get tied up with our company is that you can actually earn from two places that are maybe your current job and after that, you can come home and start working on this as well. You are getting two way benefitted.
We want to Empower those Smart and Tech Savvy Females or Smart Moms those who want to explore more opportunities and earn through a secondary source of income in the easiest and most conventional way.These  Start-Ups  brings many easy and exploring ways to earn smartly, including work from home and part-time , for those women who are looking to start or restart working after a break.

This startup increases your productivity through social med, You can easily monetize through your Social Media and you get a very good platform on your socail media. We believe you must be having such women in your family or friend circle who were very keen to work but couldn't start or continue with work life due to family commitments or other reasons. We request your help in letting them know about this initiative and how can it help them and how this startup can pave their dreams for their careers and hidden talent also. In this startup, females can explore their careers on global Platform as well.

A smart mom can become an Entrepreneur which could be her dream ever since and now she can finally avail this golden can have their flexible working hours and be productive as much as possible. Are you or any woman in your network looking to start or restart a career after a long gap?  Here's an amazing News! Alfa group has launched a unique initiative "Alfa Bizz Corp for Women" which brings many "work from Home" options for such women. 

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BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's