Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence .

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There have been humongous changes from the past decade that is taking place amongst artificial intelligence and human intelligence, and there are numerous reports which claim that major part of the human workforce will be replaced by autonomous and machines in the coming future. Based on the research it has been found that human resources will get badly affected due to the advancement of the technology as most of the work is done in a more efficient manner and consume very less time. Stephen Hawking already warned the world saying that if these advancements of machines and technology are developed beyond a certain extent then there would be an end of human mankind. But can this be true? Do machines and technology can overrule the human resources?  In the near future won't, there be any job or work for the humans to do? According to my perception, autonomous machines cannot completely replace humans in many instances  

According to the research done, it was claimed that there would be at least 50 million jobs replaced with autonomous machines by the year 2020. This can be possible but then it not possible for the machines to completely work by themselves. Artificial intelligence should be evolved in such a way that they interact, engage, think, adapt and respond exactly the humans do. It's kind of impossible to make such intelligent machines.
Having said that artificial intelligence is not at all useful there are some jobs that can be done only with the help of artificial intelligence that may turn out better result and efficient  results to that of the human intelligence.  It is imperative to state that it is human resources that control, operates, and directs the use of technology. We can actually take sigh because the coming few years at least there won't be any replacement in the human mankind by autonomous machines as they are dependent on humans. The coming years would be a blend of both artificial intelligence and human intelligence. Workload could be managed in a more efficient manner and precise manner with a proper interaction between human and machine.  

We can conclude saying that artificial intelligence will surely make life even more convenient in the years to come and will also force the mankind to improvise their skillsets as well, it is perhaps not possible for the machines to replace human mankind. Human mankind will always be the one who will operate, guide, direct the machines so there is no loss or end for them. The proper interaction between these two is also equally important for the efficient running of the organization or the society. 

A blend of human and technology is the key to success.

BBA Second Year, Bhavan's

By: Akkumahanthi Sowmya
      BBA Second year, Bhavan's
Twitter: @sowmya_12 

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