Action and Reaction of Monkeys

Action and Reaction  of  Monkeys

Once a few scientists used a Great Fun ..

He closed 5 monkeys in a large cage and put a staircase in the middle and above which the bananas were hanging.
As it was anticipated, a monkey saw the bananas and ran to eat them.
But as soon as he climbed some stairs, the sharp edge of cold water was put on it and he had to run away.
But the scientist did not stop there, they did a monkey's punishment, gave the other monkeys also, and soaked them with cold water.
The poor monkey sat quietly in a corner.
But how long did they sit, after some time, a second monkey thought to eat bananas.
And he jumped jumped towards the ladder ..
He had just started climbing up that it was thrown down by the sharp edge of the water.
And this time too, this monkey's punishment was given to the rest of the monkeys.
Once again the poor monkey sat down in one place ...
A little while later, when the third monkey lay for bananas, a strange sentence happened.
The rest of the monkey broke on him and stopped him from eating bananas,
So once again they did not suffer the punishment of cold water.
Now the users have another fun thing ..
One of the closed monkeys drove out and put a new monkey inside.
What is the rule of the new monkey there ..
She immediately rolls over the bananas.
But the rest of the monkeys hurriedly beat him.
He did not understand why the monkeys themselves did not eat too and they did not even eat them.
Well, she understood that bananas are only for viewing, not for food.
After this, the experimenters removed another old monkey and put the new inside.
This time too, the same thing happened to the new monkeys, but the rest of the monkeys smashed it and the funny thing is that the last time the new monkey came in was involved in the smog.
Even when cold water was not put on top of it!
At the end of the experiment all the old monkeys had gone out and the new monkeys were inside, on which no cold water was ever put.
But their nature was like the old monkeys.

They also do not touch any new monkeys with bananas.

This nature can be seen in our society too.

Whenever someone tries to start a new job,
Whether it is related to studies, sports, entertainment, business, politics, social services or any other area, people around it prevent it from doing so.

Fear of failure is shown.

And the funny thing is that those who stop it are mostly those who have never tried their hand in that area.

So if you are thinking of doing something new and you are also facing negative thoughts of society or the people around you, then stop the ears.

And listen to your conscience, your strengths and your faith.

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Nidhi Jain [M Sc Comp] 
Manager Operations
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