Campus to Corporate by Priya Kesharwani

 Campus to Corporate:

Campus to corporate is a life-changing transformation, and while it is possible that you may go back to studying for a while, it marks the beginning of your adulthood. It is a life transition that is exciting because you get to work in your dream job, earn money and enjoy spending it as you wish! Yet, it also marks all the responsibilities and duties that come with a job. From the carefree world of campus to corporate routine; a lot of changes.

To enable the students to make the best of these opportunities, students are put through rigorous corporate programs which run concurrent to their academic programs along with close mentorship activities. These comprise industry/laboratory/corporate visits, field research work in specified areas, relevant domestic & international internship programs, interaction with industry/corporate leaders by way of guest lectures and seminars.

Now you also don’t need to #Stressed thinking about settling in a Corporate Environment after your student life.

To tackle this vital issue itself there is a new course being introduced by the Team of AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd. The “CAMPUS TO CORP” is a 3 Months 100% Practical Training course where we will provide Comprehensive Training on how to be a SUCCESSFUL MANAGER. Not only that, we have also planned a very detailed course where we take you from your Student life to a polished Corporate Life. The smooth Transition from any circumstance to a new circumstance is a very difficult process. And to solve this difficulty, we are here with this course to help everyone to settle in the Corporate World smoothly.

The course will provide you the best way to fill out your resume, how to speak and dress properly for the interview, and to adjust to a completely new environment in the Corporate world which will be for a void if you can't figure it out in the end. So to stop this hassle and to provide effective and efficient ways to do all this we are here.

There are some tips for you that will make this easy:

· Define Career Goals

· Embrace Discomfort

· Be Respectful Always

· Develop Work Ethics

· Learn to Manage Stress

· Start Saving

· Open to Ideas & Experiences

· Observing things of the Corporate World

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is a 1st and Only PPM Start-Up Organization recognized by the Government of India. So the Certificate you will receive holds a greater value.

AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd is providing this course with guest lectures from Airport Directors, Pilots, top Universities Professors, reputed Managers from different organizations and their in-house Corp Trainers as well.  This course will bring out the Best Version of yourself.

Priya Kesharwani [MBA]

Marketing Manager

 Campus to Corporate by Priya Kesharwani
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Gadget Picks for MBA Professionals Sneha Jaiswal

 Gadget Picks for MBA Professionals

@Sneha Jaiswal 

Pursuing a post-graduate Management programme often means juggling a bunch of priorities, and as prospective students, you have to ensure that you are adequately equipped for the rigours of the programme. The right balance of technology can help, and fortunately we’ve cherry-picked the gadgets you should consider to make the most of the programme, no matter what your budget is.

A smartphone is a no-brainer purchase, really…but the right choice of smartphone can mean the difference on an almost hour-by-hour basis during your MBA. Whether you scrimp or you splurge, your smartphone has to be equipped with a good camera, a solid battery backup and enough power under the hood to handle productivity apps and the occasional session of gaming!


Urge to Splurge?: Samsung is playing in a league of its own in the flagship segment with the S7 series, and the S7 Edge is our no-questions-asked pick of the lot for the brilliant camera, best-inclass display and performance without forsaking basic smartphone hygiene factors—expandable storage, ample battery life and waterproof design. The iPhone 6S Plusmakes for a solid pick as well, if you prefer the simplicity and quality Smartphones of user experience.

E-BOOK Reader

For extensive reading without leaving scores of dead trees in your wake, an e-book reader is a much better choice than any tablet or laptop screen. The e-ink displays on e-book readers are far kinder on your eyes than standard backlit displays and lead to almost zero eye-strain over long duration reading sessions, including outdoors.

Budget Picks: Amazon Kindles are the iPads of the e-book reader space, so to speak, and there’s a Kindle at pretty much every price point. Our pick remains the Kindle Paperwhite with its high-resolution 300 dots per inch display, but if you’re looking for extensive file format support and expandable storage via microSD card, we highly recommend looking at the Kobo Glo HD as an alternative.

Urge to Splurge?: For the premium no-compromise e-book reader experience, may we recommend the allnew Kindle Oasis? With its featherweight design, grippy one-handed design and luxurious battery-boosting leather cover, the Oasis is the best e-reader money can buy. It’s also the most expensive, so pony up the extra cash over a Paperwhite only if you’re the most ardent of e-book readers.


Whether it is listening to lecture replays or course material, let’s admit it—our favorite genre of music—a good pAir of speakers or headphones is vital.

Budget Picks: The JBL Go is a small portable speaker that’s perfect for casual listening (over Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable) and as a speakerphone for phone calls, and the 7-hour battery means full-day use without charging. Spend a little more and you can get the Jabra Solemate, a rugged portable speaker that’s built to take small bumps, knocks and being splashed with water. If it's headphones you’re seeking, pick up the Sony S70AP for excellent audio playback in a lightweight package.

Urge to Splurge?: Bump up your audio budget to between ten and twenty grand and you will be rewarded with excellent options. Our pick for portable premium speakers is the Bose Soundlink Mini, for its phenomenal sound quality despite its diminutive carry-everywhere size. For headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 25 is the pAir to pick up if you’re looking for the best noise-cancelling set around, but you could save yourself some money and spend on the Sennheiser Momentum series which deliver signature Sennheiser audio quality without breaking the bank.


Tablets work exceedingly well when you need to do lightweight work on the move, but even today, nothing beats the sheer productivity benefits that a laptop brings to the table.

Budget Picks: Shopping for a laptop for under forty grand? The Acer Aspire E15 and the Asus A555LF offer nearly the same specifications—large 15-inch displays, an Intel Core i3 chip with 4 gigabytes of memory, capacious 1 terabyte hard drives and a dedicated graphics card to allow for some gaming relief after extended study sessions. Consider the Dell Inspiron 15 series as well for its sturdy build quality and excellent multimedia capabilities.

Urge to Splurge?: If money is no concern, Dell’s latest XPS 13 laptops are the ones to get for their extraordinary edge-to-edge infinity displays and machined aluminum construction bodies. For quite a bit less, you could pick up a top-of-the-line Apple MacBook Air, which offers the best keyboards and trackpads in the market and a best-inclass 11-hour battery life to boot


Sneha Jaiswal  [MBA ] 

HR Manager & Market Research

What are the Qualities required to become a Successful MBA Graduate in the Present Scenario by Rumana Maner

What are the Qualities required to become a Successful MBA Graduate in the Present Scenario?  


@Rumana Maner

       An MBA always gets the best job opportunity. There are various attributes of an MBA due to which every leading organisation depends a lot on MBA professionals. Here we can take a look at the best qualities of an MBA.

MBA’s are on the Top

In this present scenario, it can be noticed that almost in all the industries, MBAs are on the top. As per research, huge numbers of international companies are led by MBAs. Whatever may be the global economic and political situation, it can be noticed that MBAs will get the most priority in every business sector. Well established business schools are growing well in this present global scenario. At present MBA is sought as the most effective course, doing which students can always get a job with the lucrative package.

There are some Qualities required to become a Successful MBA Graduate in the Present Scenario, they are as the following:

Ø Presentation Skill

Ø Communication Skill

Ø Innovative Ideas

Ø Decision Making

Ø Self-Discipline

Ø Quality of Entrepreneurship

Ø Good Leader

Ø Logical Analytical skill

Ø Team Leader

Ø Interpersonal Skill

Ø Strategic Thinking and Planning Abilities

Ø Technical Skill

Ø Project and Time Management Skill

Ø Cross Culture Competency

Ø Innovative and adaptable mindset

Ø Teamwork

Ø Influencing Skill

Ø Negotiation Skill

Ø Win-Win Conversations



    Communication skill:

An MBA student is always trained in such a way that he or she can have a nice grasp on the communication skill. Students of MBA are dedicated to the study program and they also pay attention towards fulfilling their aims in a career.

The success of a corporate house depends a lot on how the management of the company communicates with others. Hence, MBAs with excellent communication skills will surely raise the chance of success of any corporate house.

Innovative idea:

 Being creative and innovative is the most necessary quality of every MBA. Every corporate house always pays attention towards implementing various plans and policies and to opt for the best policy it is always required to have the existence of creative management personnel within the organisation. Hence, every business organisation looks for appointing MBAs as employees with MBA degrees have the ability to generate innovative ideas.

Decision maker:

 Decision making is another feature which every MBA must possess. In this present global economic scenario, it is always necessary for an MBA to be capable of taking decisions for a business organisation. An MBA within a management should think fast and should take an effective decision.


 This is really good to notice that every MBA student is self-disciplined. This quality is always helpful for every MBA student to do better in their profession. A corporate house always depends on those professionals who are self-disciplined and able to manage the task within an organisation accurately. The quality of being self-disciplined is the quality that helps every MBA to carry on their work in an organised manner.

Quality of entrepreneurship:

 The significant characteristic of every MBA IN entrepreneurship. Besides being innovative and organised, this is another significant quality that every MBA student should have. The quality of entrepreneurship of an MBA has always been welcome in every organisation.

Maintaining ethics: every business follows its own ethics and hence it is required that MBA within a business organisation should be a good admirer of the business ethics. Following proper ethics is the key to success. If MBA follows the ethics of the organisation properly, then it will be easier for them to frame proper policies which can be effective for the business organisation.

Good leader:

 Leadership is the most important quality which is always taken into consideration within an organisation. Students having the capability and interest in leadership should always join in this profession. With this quality, it will be possible for them to lead the management as well as the workforce of the organisation towards the proper direction. Especially in this present market scenario, it is always necessary that every MBA should well converse with this quality.

Logical analytical skill:

Having logical, analytical skills is one of the most effective and essential qualities that every MBA professional should have. MBA Course helps students to develop their own thought process and this helps a lot in doing the logical analysis.

Team leader:

 A good MBA student can shine in his or her career if they can become a good team leader or if they are eligible to work within a team. Teamwork is always preferred within every organisation. This is because there are various plans within an organisation which can only become successful if perfect team management is there. Hence, every MBA profession should learn how to work within a team and help the organisation to gain more success.

Interpersonal Skills:

Interpersonal skills or what are referred to as ‘soft skills’ have always topped the wish list of leading employers around the world. MBA graduates can explore diverse roles in the business world that require excellent interpersonal skills. These include verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, listening skills, negotiation skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills amongst others. These skills can enhance your performance and give you an upper hand in leadership roles. Be it customers, clients, colleagues, or employees who you are managing, having these skills can make all the difference!

Strategic Thinking and Planning Abilities:

Strategic thinking and immaculate planning are vital for any business venture to succeed. Hence, employers actively seek these skills in MBA graduates. For any business idea to take root, a strong strategy and planning is required. These qualities will drive the organisation towards the path of growth. The organisation can look at the bigger picture and deal with its competitors if its employees possess these skills. Hence, graduates having strategic thinking and planning abilities are high in demand in the global market.

Technical Skills:

Technological intervention has led to several transformations in the business world. Technology has changed the way businesses are done around the world. And hence, employers in the contemporary market look for MBA graduates with some basic technical skills. Although it’s not an obligation to have advanced technical knowledge, having skills related to Data Analysis, Programming Languages, presentation and design, technical writing, etc. can enhance your portfolio dramatically!

Project & Time Management Skills:

Another important skill that employers seek is Project and Time management. Time management is integral for any business to flourish. Also, carrying out all the business operations smoothly requires proper project management skills. MBA graduates who have both these skills can reach their optimum potential and attract several career opportunities their way.

Cross-cultural competency:

The world has indeed turned into a small place with technology bringing us together. And the business world opens multiple international career avenues for MBA graduates to explore. Organisations around the world are constantly in search of talented MBA professionals and to grab these opportunities, you need to have a cross-cultural competency. Having this skill ensures having smooth professional relations with colleagues, clients, customers, or suppliers.

Innovative and adaptable mindset:

To stay updated with the evolving market trends each day and create new ones yourself MBA graduates require to have an innovative and adaptable mindset. This will bolster your career and help you create a special place for yourself in the business world.


Ability to work in teams’ is one of the most sought-after skills by employers. Businesses essentially involve several professionals coming together. But for organisations to work efficiently, these professionals must have the ability to collaborate and work in teams. MBA graduates need to deal with a variety of professionals on a daily basis. And being able to adapt to any team and contribute effectively to it can be a huge selling point.

Influencing Skill:

Individuals who have some influencing skills without being particularly formal towards one another will always be the best guide.

People have to be good at communicating and helpful; they should be confident and trustworthy. Individuals aren’t born an influencer; they have to learn it with time. Therefore, for learning to be better-influenced people have to work on specific skills that can help them.

People need to cooperate and collaborate to gain clarity of purpose.

They should have the ability to grasp the attention and observation of others.

Negotiation Skill:

Negotiation skills are inherent qualities that help two or more parties agree to a common logical solution. In the workplace, you may have to display your negotiating skills in various situations such as:

·   Negotiating a salary hike with the HR manager after promotion

·   Negotiating a project deadline with your team lead or manager

·   Negotiating few days off for a family holiday with your manager

·   Negotiating contract terms with a potential customer

Lack of negotiation skills affects the business bottom line and could ruin customer relationships. Negotiation skills are soft skills and essential to become a negotiator and resolve workplace conflicts.

However, this skill set depends on the work environment, the parties involved and outcome desired. Often, when one party is ready for reaching a compromise, the other party may be resistant. This makes negotiation difficult and you are likely to encounter such situations in the workplace. That is why you need to master your negotiation skills.

Win-Win Conversation:

Win-win is a situation, game, negotiation, or strategy in which all the parties benefit one way or another – there are no losers. In a conflict situation, when the participants are trying to work out a resolution, a win-win strategy is one in which everybody is accommodated; all participants come out winning.

There are many different types of outcomes – everybody might win, one might gain while the other loses, or all parties come out losing.

Benefits to the business:

Today in this fragmented world when we can notice lots of changes within politics and economics daily, it is always good to know how the MBAs are doing well for the business. Here we can take a look at how the attributes of MBAs help an organisation in growing better.

MBAs within an organisation always help in developing new skills and technologies. MBAs from top class business schools possess advanced knowledge in all types of advanced technologies. Hence, this knowledge will surely help an organisation to grow better.

While MBAs are taken within the workforce of any organisation, then it becomes easier for an organisation to get the benefit of the special qualities of the MBAs and the business will get more return in all transactions.

MBAs are always a good planner. Hence, this quality always helps an organisation to implement effective plans so that the organisation can earn more profit.

Well, hence it can be noticed that every business organisation can really do well in this global market scenario with the help of well qualified MBAs.

Specialisation-specific skills required from MBA graduates:

Although there are many skills that all MBA graduates are advised to have, there are certain skills that are specifically required based on your specialisation. In this section, let’s find out what are some specialisation-specific skills required from MBA graduates.

Skills Required from MBA Marketing graduates

Marketing involves dealing with people and organisations on a large scale. It requires knowledge about the current market trends, understanding customers’ buying patterns, forming strategies and a lot more. For this, following skills are required from MBA Marketing graduates:

Communication skills, strategic thinking, strong interpersonal and people skills, attention to detail, teamwork, entrepreneurial skills, etc.

Skills Required from MBA Finance graduates

In order to thrive in the financial sector following skills are required from MBA Finance graduates:

Up-to-date with current market trends, good with numbers, ability to work in teams, adaptability, innovative approach, strategic mindset, strong analytical skills, etc.

Skills Required from MBA Operations graduates

Mastering the operations part and establishing a great career requires MBA Operations graduates to have the following skills:

Knowledge about the processes involved, analytical mindset, technical skills, attention to detail, communication skills, etc.

Skill Required from MBA HR graduates

The field of Human Resources has all got to do with people and their well-being in the workspace. In order to establish a successful career in this field, MBA HR graduates require the following skills:

Extremely good communication skills, networking skills, teamwork, leadership skills, psychological understanding, knowledge about human behaviour, innovative and creative mindset, etc.

Skills Required from MBA in Business Analytics (BA) graduates

Business Analytics is one of the most fertile fields for MBA graduates. Thus, to build a winning career in this field, MBA Business Analytics graduates need to possess the following skills:

Relevant analytical skills, strong technical skills, mathematical skills, attention to detail, research abilities, interpersonal skills, etc.

Thus, along with the advanced education and training that an MBA degree provides, possessing these skills will give you an edge and bolster your career. These skills will help you deal with the mind-boggling competition that exists in the current market and summon better career opportunities your way. There’s a massive scope in the business world that goes on increasing each day. With such an upward growth rate, acquiring these skills will definitely count in your favour and be futuristic. Hence, if you are an MBA graduate and wish to build a winning career, concentrate on partnering these skills with your academics and see the results yourself!


@Rumana Maner HR Manager

Will It is Successful if you do an MBA from an Average College by Rumana Maner

Will It is Successful if you do an MBA from an Average College

 @Rumana Maner

Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration (MBA; also Master's in Business Administration) is a postgraduate degree focused on business administration. The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business administration such as accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, business ethics, business law, strategic management, business strategy, finance, managerial economics, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, supply-chain management, and operations management in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy. It originated in the United States in the early 20th century when the country industrialised and companies sought scientific management.

Some programs also include elective courses and concentrations for further study in a particular area, for example, accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources, but an MBA is intended to be a generalised program. MBA programs in the United States typically require completing about forty to sixty credits (sixty to ninety in a quarter system), much higher than the thirty credits (thirty-six to forty-five in a quarter system) typically required for degrees that cover some of the same material such as the Master of Economics, Master of Finance, Master of Accountancy, Master of Science in Marketing and Master of Science in Management.

The MBA is a terminal degree, and a professional degree. Accreditation bodies specifically for MBA programs ensure consistency and quality of education. Business schools in many countries offer programs tailored to full-time, part-time, executive (abridged coursework typically occurring on nights or weekends) and distance learning students, many with specialised concentrations.


Doing an MBA should be considered as a professional choice, consider the following:

1.    Why do you want to do MBA it's 2 years investment along with high level of capital investment

2.    There are more MBA college than primary schools in our country so be careful what you choose

3.    Subjects taught under MBA are pretty good which will expose you to business if that's the case you can do an MBA from a decent college and put an effort to learn from your mind.

4.    It's all about your attitude MBA is not a sure shot route for great job but this does give you a better perspective to what's happening around you

5.    If you have a work experience prior to MBA you will get a better understanding of what professors are talking about and you will be able to relate to the same

6.    Don't do MBA just because your peer is doing it it's take a lot of effort to be a successful MBA grad, as it's not always about college you choose it's your attitude that counts

7.    If you decide to pursue an MBA then invest some time to prepare yourself to be a successful student and read, listen and learn.


Is it necessary to grab top MBA colleges to succeed in life?


   If a degree from a top B-school in India could have been a sole measure of a successful career, then there wouldn’t have been any unsuccessful people around. There is no substitute for hard work, commitment, and dedication and whether you graduate from a Best B-school in India or not, if you have remained focused on your dream, success will come running to you. Most of us will identify ourselves with the character of Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots. There was a famous dialogue in the movie which stole our hearts and it too meant that do not run behind success, do what you want to and success will come running to you. There have been many classic examples of superb failures in life who despite having graduated from the best B-school in India across the globe failed to make their mark in the business world because they didn’t have the business acumen. A tag from a top B-school in India will add oodles of weight to your resume and land you with a heavy paycheck in your first job. But what happens after that is all determined by how you work and how you understand business.


Is an MBA from a top B school the only solution for success?


            Having cited some advantages of graduating from a top B-school in India, it would be grossly unfair to undermine the potential that the other institutes across the country hold. Well, there is no shortcut to success and if you think an MBA degree from a fancy college is all that is required for a successful career then you are highly mistaken. Did Bill Gates go to any best B-school to learn the managerial skills or did Sachin Tendulkar spend hours reading the books instead of practising on the field? There is no single definition of what success is and how it can be achieved. Doing an MBA from an average institute can take you places and on the other hand even getting a degree from one of the most sought-after colleges can land you nowhere. It all narrows down on your hard work, perseverance, commitment, knowledge, and strength. Even if the initial paycheck has fewer zeros on the right but ensures you a sustainable and long-term career, what is wrong in sticking to it and working towards the larger picture? Students who come from not very best B-schools understand how tough it has been for them to get at a particular position and thus they don’t just let it go off easily. When life throws lemons at you, the art of making lemonade always helps and that is the secret behind being successful. Cribbing over the fact that you haven’t got into the best B-school in India is of no use, but working hard and capitalising on the circumstances you are in right now can help and this will frame a path on which you should tread on. 

Success doesn’t come along with the brand or the legacy you carry. It comes with your dedication and commitment. The more focused you are in achieving your goals, the better will be your growth irrespective of whether you have an MBA degree from a top-notch college or not. Have faith in yourself, remain focused in your life and you will be able to rub your hands over the word SUCCESS!

How is life after an MBA from an above average B school?

It will be highly dependent on what is the economic scenario and the job scenario when you graduate. The first job will be dependent on that. During good times even an average school can land you in a good place. But during bad times, you might have to struggle a bit. But from what we have seen, above average colleges you will face less difficulties in landing a job at least.

However, having said that, if you work hard and keep working towards your end goal be it consulting, finance or anything, you can definitely get there. We have seen people who do MBA from Thapar (which we would say is below average) get into Bain after 2 years of work-ex. So, you might face some hurdles at the start of your career even if you do from an average or below average college, but if you show you had work you can reach where you want to.

After 2–3 years of work-ex post MBA it won’t matter much where you did it from. But what will matter is how well you did in your job and how much you learnt there.

The Colleges never decide your future. If the colleges would decide your future, then Bill Gates, Jamsetji Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar would have never been successful in their own field.

So, the Brand of College doesn’t matter; hard work and dedication is what matters.

Dhirubhai Ambani

An Indian business tycoon who founded Reliance Industries.

Education Background-Matriculation

            Jamsetji Tata

An Indian pioneer industrialist who founded the Tata Group, India's biggest conglomerate company.

Education Background- Graduated from Elphinstone College

               Bill Gates

An American business magnate, software developer, investor, author, and philanthropist.

Education Background-Harvard University (dropped out)



@Rumana Maner HR Manager