3 Strategic Tips For Building an A+ Sales Team by Ted Wolfe

3 Strategic Tips For Building an A+ Sales Team 

by Ted Wolfe

Your sales team is the face of your company and one of the most significant contributors to your bottom line. 

Therefore, building a quick-thinking, progressive, and resourceful sales team is vital to your organization’s success.

In the following quick guide, we’ll review three tips for creating and maintaining a number-one sales team.

Know What You’re Looking For 

Building a stellar team starts with identifying what you and your business truly need in the candidate that you’re after.

What skills and attributes are necessary to be an effective salesperson? 

Here are a few qualities that the world’s most successful salespeople have in common.

  • Listening Skills - To satisfy your client, you must know what they need. The best way to learn this is through conversation. Engaging with your client and listening carefully to their responses will help you determine what they are seeking.

  • Product Knowledge - Regardless of what your team is selling, they need to know the ins and outs of offering products and services. Your sales team will need to be able to answer any questions a client may ask.

  • Confidence - For a client to make a purchase, they need to trust that your product or service will solve a problem for them. If the salesperson can display confidence in what they are selling, the client is more likely to be on board. 

Screen Candidates Carefully 

Choosing an employee starts with carefully reviewing their resume or CV to determine if their work experience and skillset is what you’re after. 

Those candidates who make it to the interview can be further evaluated to determine their potential for success.

Consider Their Track Record

A potential employee’s work history can speak volumes about their employability. 

A candidate who has worked for several different employers but has never been promoted may signal a lack of motivation or commitment. 

Or, on the other hand, an employee that has spent a considerable amount of time with a single employee will show that the employee is likely skilled and dedicated to his or her job. 

It would be best if you also investigated any unexplained gaps in employment further.

Test Their Ability to Sell

Before you hire:

  1. Make sure the candidate can sell products or services effectively. After all, they’ll need to be quick on their feet if they want to help you make more sales. 

  2. During the interview, provide a sample scenario that your sales team may encounter.

  3. Have the candidate demonstrate how they would sell a particular item to a customer.

Check References

Just because somebody were to hand you a professional-looking business card, you wouldn’t hire them right there on the spot, would you?  

Always follow up with at least two references to gain a clearer picture of your candidate’s abilities. 

Be sure to ask about any difficulties the person experienced; give the reference an opening to provide constructive criticism about the candidate.

Offer Continuous Training And Education

Skill development doesn’t end when an employee joins your team. Ongoing training needs to be offered to sales staff to ensure they remain informed and effective.

Emphasize Soft Skills

Sales employees should regularly practice and develop their “people skills.” A client needs to feel comfortable with your sales staff before they will commit to a sale. 

Knowing how to read body language, reflect what the client has said, and demonstrate empathy are essential qualities for sales professionals. 

Focus On Communication

Effective salespeople need to be able to communicate with clients in a variety of ways. 

Written communication skills are required to connect with potential clients through email or social media. 

Verbal and non-verbal communication is vital when speaking with clients in-person, virtually, or on the phone.

Stay Up-To-Date

Ensure that sales staff have all of the information they need about new products and services your organization is offering. 

When employees have the knowledge they need to demonstrate the value of a product, they can confidently express this to potential buyers.

Tips For Creating a Winning Team

Developing a successful team starts with identifying the essential qualities you are seeking in your sales staff. 

Thoroughly vetting work history and references gives you a clearer picture of each candidate. 

Providing regular learning opportunities ensures employees continue to build their skills, which, in turn, will ensure that your sales team is at the top of their game at all times!


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