Differences between Business Development and Management

What are the Differences between Business Development and Management 
Business development and marketing go hand-in-hand. And when they are in sync, one can see increases in visibility, growth, profitability, and more. While both business development and marketing are responsible for growing the firm’s client base, they each have separate roles in achieving the same goal. In the fundamental essence of the two concepts, their basic definitions are:
  • Business Development – Responsible for forming partnerships, strategic relationships, and other professional contacts in target markets in order to bring in new clients.
  • Marketing – Responsible for understanding the needs and wants of the target market and developing a strategic plan to establish the firm’s overall messaging, benefits, capabilities, and for communicating those out to the target audience.
Both these departments address the same issue, i.e., how to engage prospective and current clients, but they have different reasons and means for doing so. Here is a pictorial representation of what separates the two though their basic objective is the same:
As a general rule, business development and sales are typically used interchangeably, and include both developing relationships and closing the deal. Transactions, relationships, networks – these are all elements of Philip Kotler’s marketing definition, and they are components of business development. Organisations that truly differentiate marketing from business development, typically view marketing as “one-to-many,” and business development as “one-to-one.” 
  • Marketing in this context is about building brand, creating name recognition, and generating demand. It’s about figuring out where the prospects are and getting one’s message in front of them. It’s about delivering the product (services) to the right markets, and having an understanding of those markets. Tools used by marketers include websites, e-blasts, direct mail, advertising, public relations, research, and content like blogs, articles, and general presentations (at community programs, conferences of professional societies, or client organizations). 
  • Business development is about focusing on specific prospects and converting them into clients. Tools used by business developers include personal emails and phone calls, social selling, networking, trade shows, in-person meetings, proposals, and client or project-specific presentations and interviews.
  • The marketer’s focus here is on the many, helping to convert suspects into prospects.
  • The business developer’s focus is on the few, or the one, moving prospects to opportunities and converting them into clients. 

Marketing is all about how to make it happen, where there is a marketing person and not a now-focused sales person. Business development (is about making connections) It’s building upon the brand that one has established through marketing efforts to connect their audience to their products and services. It’s prospecting (think networking events), qualifying leads and then converting those leads into clients. Business development is all about creating relationships. For example:
  • Marketing: Figuring out where new customers “live” (both geographically and in terms of “buying mind-set”) and finding a way to reach them.
  • Business Development: Building and leveraging relationships founded on trust and integrity to facilitate opportunities.
In conclusion, Business Development and Marketing are part of a continuous spectrum. Though they are part of the same spectrum, they are necessarily the same things as perceived by a few. There are distinct differences between the two, though faint sometimes as they share the same primary objective, but they are not the same.

Shaheela Tasneem 
Business Development Manager
Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Own the power to say NO

One of the most important lessons I learned so far in my career, Is to own the power to say NO

You have a client that mistreats or judges you too much--Say NO

You have a client that negotiates a lot--Say NO

You have a client that wants you to lower your cost--Say NO

You have a client that doesn't want to work without an upfront payment--Say NO

You have a client that doesn't understand your value (provided you have shown him/her the expertise of your work) --Say NO

You have a client who ask for something that goes against your value system and  company policy--Say NO

You have a client that tries to encroach your personal space -- Say NO

You have a client that is not honest to you and your organization -- Say NO

You have a client that tries to play politics in the organization ( tries to create conflict )  --Say NO

You have a client that is not a perfect fit for your organization-- Say No

You have a client that complains more and work less --  Say NO

You have a client that compels you to compromise in your safety and security—Say No

If you follow these, for some time it might happen, you would earn less than you should, but you will be at peace And , you will be closer to the GOOD clients.

Trust me they exist.

And, you will be closer to the GOOD clients

Trust me they exist.

Kritana Regmi [PGDM] 
Manager HR  [ Internship In-Charge]     
Aircrews Aviation Pvt. Ltd.     

Organization Behaviour

Organization Behaviour
1. Organization Culture at Start-Ups
2. Motivation reality and theory
3. Perception and biases of new joinee employees
4. Perception and biases of senior  employees in organisation
5. Importance/Contribution of Learning and Development
6. Performance evaluation- Various styles, techniques
7. Best practices of Organization culture in India
8. Diversity and Inclusion -  Meaning, Importance and its Role in today's Human resources
9.  Recruitment - Meaning, Various Types and Methods of recruitment
10. Employee retention - Ways and Reasons for employees to leave organizations
11. Diversity and Inclusion - Best practices in India
12. Modern training methods adopted by organisations - Pre Covid and Post Covid
13. Employee feedback - Most legitimate way for honest feedback and importance of employee feedback
14.  Cultural celebrations in organisations and its Importance
15. Reward and Recognition system  - Importance, Role and Impact
16. Learning and Development - Best practices in Asia
17. Great place to work with - Top 5 organisations and the practices adopted by them
18. Payroll System - List  Different Payscales adopted by any 5 US Organisations according to designations
19.  Work Culture in an Organisation and its Impact on Work Life Balance
20. Work Life Balance - A Myth or Reality ?
21. Components of an Ideal  Salary Structure [ With Example] 
22. Job description and its importance in attracting new employees
23. Organization culture and image building of organization with help of the same
24. Organization Culture Can be Improved by Social Media


Instead of doing Nothing Big
It's better to Start Doing  Something Small
Nothing wrong If you have no clue
What to do in Life, Just do what you Love
and try Crazy Things. Over the Time Period,
You will definitely come to know
What you Love and What to do Ahead.

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CEO, Professor of Happiness
Laughter Coaching : Innovating Happiness
2)Do Time Management leads to Increased Productivity?
4)How do you Manage Time to create a balance between Work life and Personal life?
5)How do you Manage Time as a busy Smart Manager / Entrepreneur?
6)Why Time Management important in Aviation?
7)Time Management is key importance for a Successful and less Stressful Life. Discuss
8)Time Management is about more than Life Hacks. Discuss
11)Time Management Creates Discipline or vice versa. Discuss

12)Importance of Time Management in Managers's life.

13) How Time Management skills can be learned and enhanced?

14)Time Management and Leadership
15)How to Manage Time Effectively as a workplace Leader?
Magic Of Dream Big 
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Parents Need to be Tech-Savvy

For the smooth conduction of the remote learning of the child, we need help from parents.

Parents need to be tech-savvy. We want parents to guide their children at home. Parents have expressed that they are having problems using technology. I completely agree. Parents were not aware of the tools the schools will need to teach and learn, which now students and teachers are using to communicate. Parents had queries like, PDF file doesn't open in our system, we download a file but we don't get to know where is it saved, how do I send an attachment, what size of the file can be sent and loads of queries but can be resolved. I request if family together can help each other to learn these steps to complete a task. The scope of technical skills expected from the parents has to be oriented by the school. It should be with the pace of the learning ability of parents, which can be found through feedbacks. Tech-savvy parents at home will help students to guide and support. Step by step, need-based learning of parents will help schools to connect substantially with their ward, and make learning easier.

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Believe You Can Succeed and You Will


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Do Time Management Leads To Increased Productivity
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Smart Leaders Vs Hard Workers
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@SIP 2020 at AIRCREWS AVIATION PVT LTD by Anjali Chichani MBA
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#Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease
#Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
#How to Dream Big like Smart Leaders
#How to Dream and Dream Creatively
#You Are What Your Dreams Are
#Use Goals to Help You Grow

#Manage Your Environment: Fly First Class
#Make Your Attitudes Your Allies
#Dream Right Toward People
#Get the Action Habit
#How to Turn Defeat into Victory

#Use Goals to Help You Grow
#How to Dream like a Leader
#Think Out Of The Box
#Good Decision Making Skills
#Effective Decision Making Skills
#Quick Decision Making Skills
#Interpersonal Communication to Convince & Lead People
#Build Customer Relationship with Team Members , Colleagues etc
#Increasing Risk Taking Capacity inside Oneself

Dream Big like Smart Leaders

#Habits of  Big Dreamers,
#How to Dream Big like Leaders
# Smart Leaders Vs Hard Workers

#Water Melon Story

Problem Solving Skills
Finding Opportunity in a Problem to Grow in Midst of Crisis with limited Resources
Breaking Barriers of Fear , Doubt , Low
- Confidence, Inferiority Complex to achieve a Goal & becoming Bold & Confident 
- Mind Programming Techniques

How to be Stable in Adversity & Problems- Mind Programming Techniques
Mind Process & Programming  to come.out of Blame Game of Life & Taking Responsibility & Control of life Situations
"Stress Management Techniques to Release Negative Emotions & Thought Patterns
 Increaing The LEARNER CAPACITY inside us
 Dealing With Failure & Criticism

How to Develop " Everything is Possible " Attitude
Techniques to Develop more Trust and Belief in oneself
Taking Strong Intent & Manifesting Goals & Desires
Creating Possibility  out of Nothing
How to be your Own Creator
Increasing Creative Quotient Tips- CQ
Developing Connection with Nature & Universe

How to be Unaffected by Anything- Failure /Success , Happiness/ Sadness
What is  Surrender & How to Develop Surrender Attitude
Connecting With Universe and getting the work done' from Universe or God
Thinking Beyond You & Creating Greater for others around You .
Being in a State of Contribution Always
How to go in Peace State of Mind Easily
How to develop Gratitude for Everything & Everyone Around


Dream Big Work Smart

1. Believe You Can Succeed and You Will Anjali Chichani MBA
2. Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease
3. Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
4. How to Dream Big
5. How to Dream and Dream Creatively
6. You Are What You Dream You Are
7. Manage Your Environment:  Fly First Class
8. Make Your Attitudes Your Allies
9. Dream Right Toward People
10. Get the Action Habit
11. How to Turn Defeat into Victory
12. Use Goals to Help You Grow
13. How to Dream like a Leader
14. Think Out Of The Box
15  Dream Big work hard

Dream Big Work Smart
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 Manage things Better As Manager
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 Manage things Better As Manager

If your Dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too Small.

Far too often we settle. We settle for what is easy. We settle for what is possible. We settle for the practical opportunities that present themselves, relegating our Dreams to the worlds of fancy that exist only within our minds.

But what if we were called to more?

What if you were meant to do something bigger? Something greater?

This is the challenge we face as leaders. The question "How do we hold onto the vision in the face of reality?" is one that haunts each of us every day. Here are three practical tips that can help each us in our quest to reach for the moon AND hit the stars:

Never lose sight of the Dream: Our Dreams are what Motivate us. They are the passions, the inner stirrings that excite us and that keep us going. While the realities of our day-to-day can easily consume our priorities, the struggle of every leader must be to never lose sight of the Dream. Less we end up doing things that undermine our ability to actually reach our Dreams.
Hold the Dream and reality in tension: If your Dream isn't in conflict with your reality, then you must reconsider whether it's a Dream at all. Our Dreams should stretch us. They should force us out of our comfort zones and push us to strive toward things that we previously thought impossible. That's the point of Dreaming! This will help us to continue to drive toward the possible "impossibilities" that lay ahead.
Don't be afraid to Dream bigger: How can the impossible become possible if you can't even imagine or Dream up the impossible? Every great invention, every great innovation started as a Dream. The lightbulb, the Internet, the iPhone... Each started as an idea or whim of fancy that Edison and others imagined. Our task is to let our Dreams take us to places we never before thought possible. And when we get there, to Dream even bigger!
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Time Management  is Money for Smart Managers by

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Time Management a necessity for all Business Organisation 
@Shaivali Tripathi
Time  Management is the Secret to living your Best Life.                 
Leader vs Manager

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Gender Differences at Workplace
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#Think Big Dream Bigger,
#Be A Leader with Big Dreams,
#Habits of  Big Dreamers,
#Dream Big Work Smart,
#Believe You Can Succeed and You Will,
#Cure Yourself of Excusitis, the Failure Disease
#Build Confidence and Destroy Fear
#How to Dream Big like Smart Leaders
#How to Dream and Dream Creatively
#You Are What Your Dreams Are
#Use Goals to Help You Grow

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The Magic of Time Management for Smart Managers

1)Time Management  is Money for Smart Managers
2)Do Time Management Leads to increased Productivity?
3)How do you Manage Time to meet Deadlines?
4)How do you Manage Time to create a balance between Work life and Personal life?
5)How do you Manage Time as an busy Smart Entrepreneur?
6)Why Time Management important in Aviation?
7)Time Management is a key importance for a Successful and less stressful life. Discuss
8)Time Management is  about more than Life Hacks.Discuss
9)Do you think Aviation Industry  is the most proffesional industry with regards to Time Management and iconic representation to world.Discuss
10)Time Management vs Stress Problems.
11)Time Management creates discipline or Vice Versa.Discuss
12)Importance of Time Management in Youth's life.
13) How Time Mangement skills can be   learned and enhanced?
14)Time Management and Leadership
15)How to Manage Time effectively as Workplace Leader?
16) Time is a scarest resource and unless  it is Managed nothing else can be Managed.Discuss
17)Do you think Time Management skill is the most important skill that a Manager should have?Discuss
18)Is Time Management an necessity for all Business Organisation.Discuss
19)Common pitfalls of Time Management that one should avoid.
20) Time Management is the Secret to Living your Best Life ! Discuss
21) Why a full-scale discussion of The Magic of Time Management  for Dreaming Big

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Topic :Happiness and Motivation

1)Are Happy Managers  more Productive?
2)Workplace Happiness and employee Motivation.
3) Money cant buy Happiness but could it Motivate you to live a better life?
4)How a workplace leader can create a Happy and satisfying environment for its subordinates?
5)Do Happiest People are most Motivated People?
6)Do Motivation and Happiness goes hand in hand?
7)Correlation between Motivation and Efficiency.
8)Employee performance  Appraisal and Motivation.
9)As an HR Manager what all things you can do for your subordinates so that they feel Motivated and Happy to do their work at best?
10)The real difference between being successful and being Happy.
11)In what ways you can help an depressed person to be Happy and self Motivated.What efforts you can do for them?
12)What are the things you follow to keep yourself Happy and Motivated?
13)Do Brands become sources of Motivation for Consumer Happiness ?
14)Success or Happiness -what is most important?
15)Do student level of Motivation in studies is related to their level of Happiness?
16)What kind of workplace culture do you think increases Motivation level of an employee?
17)Motivation and leadership.
18)Is Happiness a choice.
19)How to Spark intrinsic  Motivation in your team members?
20)Does spirituality make you Happy?
21)Which is key to Happiness:High salary or job satisfaction?
22)A good career key to Happiness!
23)Health and Impact of unHappiness
24)Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life .
25)Is Money essential to Happiness?

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Chicago Booth’s Mary Ittelson. Courtesy photo

Entrepreneurial in their name,
Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial Failure
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Columbia Business School;
Bay Area
by Sara Beckman of UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business; and

 by Harvard’s Tom Eisenmann.

General Management,
or Management & Organizations,
Strategic Management,
Organizational Behavior,
Real Estate.

Michigan Ross, Yale SOM, NYU Stern, Chicago Booth, and Stanford.


Stephanie Murphy’s,
 Managing a Diverse
Workforce at the
University of Texas-Austin
McCombs School of Business.



Success means many wonderful, positive things. Success means personal prosperity: a fine home,
vacations, travel, new things, financial security, giving your children maximum advantages. Success
means winning admiration, leadership, being looked up to by People in your business and social life.

Success means freedom: freedom from worries, fears, frustrations, and failure. Success means self-
respect, continually finding more real Happiness and satisfaction from life, being able to do more for
those who depend on you.

Success means winning.

Success—achievement—is the goal of life!

Every human being wants success. Everybody wants the best this life can deliver. Nobody enjoys
crawling, living in mediocrity. No one likes feeling second-class and feeling forced to go that way.
Some of the most practical success-building wisdom is found in that biblical quotation stating that
faith can move mountains.


People—as you Dream yourself to success, that’s what you will study, People. You will study People
very carefully to discover, then apply, success-rewarding principles to your life. And you want to
begin right away.

Go deep into your study of People, and you’ll discover unsuccessful People suffer a mind-
deadening thought disease. We call this disease excusitis. Every failure has this disease in its advanced form. And most “average” persons have at least a mild case of it.


Excusitis appears in a wide variety of forms, but the worst types of this disease are health excusitis,
intelligence excusitis, age excusitis, and luck excusitis. Now let’s see just how we can protect
ourselves from these four common ailments.

1. “But My Health Isn’t Good.”
Health excusitis ranges all the way from the chronic “I don’t feel good” to the more specific “I’ve got
such-and-such wrong with me.”
“Bad” health, in a thousand different forms, is used as an excuse for failing to do what a person
wants to do, failing to accept greater responsibilities, failing to make more money, failing to achieve
Millions and millions of People suffer from health excusitis. But is it, in most cases, a legitimate
excuse? Dream for a moment of all the highly successful People you know who could—but who don’t
—use health as an excuse.

conquering fear of, 61–74
differences in, 199–201
influencing, 275–82
negative, 147–55
Dreaming right toward, 193
trading minds with, 275, 276–82
pep talks, daily, 139–44, 145
persistence, 237, 246–50, 251
personal efficiency, increasing, 112–17, 125, 132–37
Pi Sigma Epsilon, 264
Polk, Sol, 205
positive Dreaming, power of, 17–19, 56–58, 77–82
praise, desire for, 182–85, 285, 287–88
prestige, desire for, 177
problem solving, 38, 216–21, 248–50
professional organizations, membership in, 121–22
progressive outlook, developing, 105–9, 288–95
public speaking, 71–72, 91–92, 174
quality, instinct for, 164
quarrels, avoiding, 92–93, 96, 300, 301
questions, asking, 116–19
raises, obtaining, 188–89
rationalization, 149–50
real estate, selling, 82–84, 120–21
recognition, desire for, 177
Red Cross, 170
respect, winning, 126–32
responsibilities, taking on additional, 113–16
retirements, 263–64
Roosevelt, Franklin D., 26, 295
salesmanship, 95, 96, 176
Schell, Erwin H., 168
Schindler, John A., 28
secretaries, 135, 179–80, 190
security, desire for, 75
self-depreciation, 21, 22, 76–77, 259
self-improvement, plan for, 109–12, 125, 268–73
service, giving, 186–90, 191
Sevareid, Eric, 265–66
shyness, 55–74
smiles, Big, 72–73, 174, 181
solitude, Dreaming in, 295–98
speaking in public, 71–72, 91–92, 174, 228–29

Stevens, Risë, 243–44
strangers, speaking to, 197–99
stuttering, 94–95
attitudes for, 9–24, 166–91
belief in, 9–24, 148–51
support and cooperation of others, 192–211, 275, 286–87
Dreaming Big, 24–28, 77, 142–44
suicide, 58–59
talking, 173–77, 207–9
team efforts, 91
telephoning, 139–40, 199
Teller, Edward, 33
tensions, 49
thank yous, 174
adding values, 82–89
belief that a solution is possible, 101–3
Big, 75–99
concentrating on one’s assets, 77
creative, 100–125
developing ability, 38, 297–98
effect of appearance on, 127–32
focus on Big objectives, 91–98
like a leader, 275–82
negative, 36, 91–98, 201–2, 203
about one’s job, 89–91
power of positive, 17–19, 56–58, 77–82
progressive, 288–95
in solitude, 295–98
subconscious mind, 298
Times for, 298
traditional, 105–9
upgrading, 144–45
vocabulary, 77–82
traditional Dreaming, 105–9
training programs
in self-development, 21–24
Dreaming in solitude, 297–98
Truman, Harry S, 26, 295
value, adding values to things, People, 82–89
vocabulary of Big Dreamers, 77–82
volunteers, 232–33

walking, fast, 70–71
Wall Street Journal, 272–73
Wanamaker, John, 212, 258
Williams, W. Colvin, 241–42
wives, 156–59, 184–86
increasing one’s capacity, 109–17, 125
Dreaming job is important, 132–37, 144–45
worry, overcoming, 31, 49
writers and writing, 246–47